June 24, 2016

Here at Modesto Veterinary, your pet is our #1 priority!

Don’t be fooled by other Veterinary practices.  Some well known national veterinary services are more interested in having you spend more money per visit than they are in the health and well-being of your pet.  Here at Modesto Veterinary, we’re committed to you and your pet.  Whether you have dogs, cats, or any other domestic pet, we’re here to help you.

Veterinary Services

Chihuahua with a green scarf on a hardwood floorOur services include general health and wellness programs, boarding, grooming, and training of your pet.  Check out our Boarding program, and don’t forget to bring your pet in for their interview.  Your pet deserves a lifetime of quality healthcare.  You can start them as a puppy or kitten, and have them come to us for their entire life, through to being a senior pet.  Think of us as your pet’s lifetime health partner.  We care about your pets welfare.

Pet Grooming

Our grooming will take full care of your pampered loved one.  If they need a haircut and their nails trimmed, call us!  We also do tooth brushing and anal gland expression.

Pet Boarding

You need to travel once and a while.  Make sure your pet is well taken care of.  Here at Modesto Veterinary, we care about your comfort while you are away, so we take care of your pets so you can travel with peace of mind.  Stop by for your pet interview to see if your dog or cat will get along with our current residents.  It is important to know in advance if your pet will get along with the group.  We take care to have only pets that are well trained, and well behaved stay in our facilities.  You should be concerned too, and make that connection for your pet.

Make sure to check out our listing on Local Pet.